Sollux lamp Treatment

Sollux lamp Treatment is based on using infrared to help in many parts of the body and organism. The sollux lamp contains 2 different filters; red and blue. The red filter helps with stimulant and anti-inflammatory, whereas the blue filter helps with soothing and analgesia. The heat penetrates deep into the body and does not work only on the skin surface. Improves blood circulation, increases the metabolism, oxygenates cells, relaxes the body, and works anti-inflammatory and analgesia.

Benefits of Sollux lamp Treatment

  • Inflammation of the maxillary sinus, nose and rhinitis
  • Inflammation of the middle and the external part of the ear, throat
  • Reduces muscle, roots and back pain
  • Helps with arthritis and rheumatic
  • Fights against cellulite and slimming effectively
  • Improves body posture
  • Helps with muscle spasm
  • Pain in joints and muscles
  • Acne
  • Flu
  • Neutralizes muscle soreness caused by excessive efforts in sports i.e. the gym, training, fitness classes.
  • Reduces symptoms associated with autumn and winter season which helps to treat depression
  • Infrared radiation works positively on the person’s mood, improves our body, sooths and relaxes

Back – lamp + mini massage 30 minutes (£20.00)
Stomach – lamp + mini massage 20 minutes (£15.00)
Legs – lamp + mini massage 30 minutes (£20.00)
Arms – lamp + mini massage 20 minutes (£15.00)

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